martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

The Big Season 2011-2012 “Monumental Plaza de Toros México”

The Big Season in the Plaza de Toros México is, perhaps, the most important season or fair, in America. The “corridas” are held every Sunday at 16:30 hrs. The Big Season usually starts in November and end in March. By regulation sets that the company of Plaza México must give twelve bullfights, but usually end up making nearly twenty “corridas”.

In the Plaza México the posters of the Big Season are not announce in advance, they appear week by week. At the beginning of the season, it has released a list of the bullfighters who perform during this year, but do not know what day they will act. In the case of foreign bullfighters is different, they  know in advance which days will act, but the public do not known the dates. This list serves to sell the renewal of what in Mexico is called "derecho de apartado" (reserve place), a type of subscriber that does not include entries, only the right to buy in advance the ticket. All numbered seats in the Plaza have their "derecho de apartado", and now, most of them have an owner.  You can only get one of those by private purchase, but every year you have to pay at the company of Plaza México this renewal. The payment of front row, in shadow (“Barrera”), costs around 200 pounds.

The Plaza Mexico, was opened in 1946, is the largest and most comfortable in the world, with capacity for 42.000 fans, therefore the prices of their tickets are varied. For a bullfight the highest price is the front row in shadow (“Barrera”), about 45 pounds, and the cheapest “General Sun” about 5 pounds, relatively cheap compared to European fairs.

Mexico has a law that indicates that 50% of the bullfighters that will act on a “corrida” must be Mexican, that is why most of the posters are made up of two Mexicans and one foreigner. This law was made to defend the national bullfighters, but in recent years there are many entrepreneurs who want to change it, to be able to announce more foreigners in the same “corrida”.

For the Grand Season 2011-2012 have been announced over thirty national, and thirteen foreign bullfighters. Among the national highlights the presence of "El Zotoluco", the bullfighter most important in recent years in Mexico. Also it is include Rafael Ortega and “El Zapata”. Of the new generation of Mexican bullfighters appears, Joselito Adame and Arturo Saldivar who acted this year in San Isidro Fair, in Madrid. In addition have been announced the confirmations of alternative of Juan Pablo Sánchez and Diego Silveti, bullfighters who have also made long European season. Highlighting the presence of foreigners appears Enrique Ponce, "El Juli", Manzanares, Castella,  Talavante and some others. There will also be “rejoneadores”, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza and Diego Ventura. Also announced three women bullfighters, the Mexicans Hilda Tenorio and Lupita López, along with Spanish Mary Paz Vega. The notable absence of these season are, from México Ignacio Garibay and Arturo Macías, and foreigners José Tomás and Morante de la Puebla.

About “ganaderías” have been announced like each year, the most prestigious in Mexico such as Fernando de la Mora, Xajay, Arroyo Zarco etc. all these with the traditional “encaste” Saltillo in México. There will also be presence of “ganaderías” with “encaste” Parladé such as Barralva or Santa María de Xalpa, which increasingly become more present in the Plaza México. This is the season number twenty, which is organized by the businessman Rafael Herrerias, controversial figure in the “Fiesta Brava” in México.

The most controversial topic in recent years, was caused by most important european bullfighters, they have abused of “torear” very small bulls. Them go to México to do the "America" with all the comforts and advantages, and on several occasions not justify their high costs.  Are very good bullfighters with many capabilities, but some of them are only going to America for money. The public is increasingly fed up with this situation ... the public in México hopefully now if bulls will be grapple with age and good appearance.

At present the “Fiesta de Toros” in México is going through a delicate moment. The fans  increasingly absent of the Plaza, and its impact on society is becoming smaller. Now, thanks to media noise in the case of Catalonia, several anti-bullfighting in Mexico also are promoting a bill to ban the Fiesta de Toros in México. The people who likes the “Toros” in Mexico should be organized very well, and must defend through laws, a tradition that has been in Mexico about five hundred years (the first bullfight in México took place in 1526). That is, the Fiesta de Toros in México is older than Mexico itself independent.

Pepe Saborit.

On November 6th, the Big Season 2011-2012 opens at the Monumental Plaza de Toros México (Enrique Ponce, Arturo Saldívar and confirmation of alternative Diego Silveti, with Bulls of San Isidro).